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Nero 5 Update

Nero 5 Update Disc

Nero 5 Update Disc

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The Update Disc brings you the latest Nero 5 update without the download and provides a hard copy for future re-installations.

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System Requirements Nero 5

  • Your PC must have a 486 processor or higher and a minimum clock rate of 90 MHz.
  • It should have a minimum of 16 MB RAM.
  • The hard disk access time should be less than 19 milliseconds.
  • The necessary data transfer rate from the hard disk to the recorder depends on the speed with which your recorder can write onto the CD. If you have a 4x recorder, we recommend a minimum of 1 MB/second, and for 8x, 4 MB/second. Otherwise, data is not continuously transferred to the recorder; a buffer underrun can then easily occur which is the "MCA [Maximum Credible Accident]” of CD recording.
  • You will require approx. 12 MB memory on your hard disk.
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For current Nero 5 users only. Update only. You must already own the full version of Nero 5.