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Nero 2016 Classic –
"The Allrounder" for your digital jobs

Perform complex tasks easily with Nero 2016 Classic, the straightforward all-round solution!
Whether you’re burning, copying, creating, editing, playing, streaming, ripping, or converting,
whether your PC, camera, or smartphone – your multimedia files are in the safest hands with Nero.  

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No Better Burner  

Whatever you want to burn and copy, you can now do it even better thanks to Nero 2016 Classic’s proven burning technology and expanded range of functions. For example, the sound of your audio CDs is automatically enhanced, Audio filters and tools let you get the very best sound quality from your re-cordings. And because the visual impact is almost as important as the content, the new design and print templates can turn your burned or copied CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™* into real works of art.  

Brennen & Kopieren

Erstellen & Bearbeiten


Truly Advanced Technology

Using the Express mode it’s really easy to start projects straight from the start screen without specifying any project settings and edit your recordings from smartphones, tablets, or your camera – or use the advanced options if you prefer. The new Full-HD video edit preview function gives you the sharpest of views, whether on single or double monitors. You can add even more personal details to your photos, videos, music, and slide shows thanks to a wide range of text options, music templates and effects. What’s more, your DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™ will become the stars of the show thanks to the professional menu templates.  




Full Range of Media in Any Location

As Nero knows, true friends are always there for you. That’s why Nero is always by your side, too, letting you play photos, videos, music, and slide shows not just on your PC but also – thanks to the new Nero Streaming Player App – on your smartphone, tablet, Xbox®, PlayStation®, or other Wi-Fi® players within your home network. And Nero finds the right format all by itself. 

Abspielen & Streamen

Rippen & Konvertieren


Your Wish is Nero’s Command 

Need to convert your favorite music to audio CDs, movies to DVD or AVCHD recordings for your PC archive or mobile devices? No problem: Nero rips your media* and allows you to convert it into almost any new format you desire – including the formats used on your brand-new smartphones or tablets. And in just three clicks you can also transfer the content from discs directly to a mobile device attached to your PC. 

*not copy-protected content


Nero 2016 Classic

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