With the generated fingerprint by MD5 programs (md5sum) you can easily control if a downloaded file is unchanged and complete.

Please download the from our FTP-server, then choose a folder (or your desktop) to unzip the file.

How to use the Nero MD5 verifier:

Step 1:
Copy the md5 check sum (with CTRL + c ) from our download page. You can find this information beneath the description of every download package. Then click on paste and insert the original MD5 check sum. Download the software package and save it to a folder.

Step 2:
Browse for your file and click on it. The Nero MD5 Verifier will create and show the MD5 hash check sum. If both sums are identical the download was successful. If there is a difference between the two sums, either the download was not successful or the file is corrupted. If that is the case, download the file again.

If the sums differ again, please contact Nero Technical Support.