Affiliate Opportunities

Nero, the creator of liquid media technology, allows content creation and distribution anytime, anywhere on any device. The company provides consumers with the freedom to enjoy their audio and video content, regardless of hardware or file format, by taking a unique platform neutral, standards-based approach to solution development. Over 300 million units of Nero’s award winning software solutions have been distributed globally and are widely used in the home, on the go, and professionally.


As a Nero affiliate, sharing in our success is easy! Join our affiliate network and take advantage of our free advertising banners, text links, and newsletters and earn commission from each sale in the Nero Online Shop that was generated from your web site!

Participation in the Nero Affiliate Program is absolutely free. Orders and payments are handled directly through the Nero Online Shop and your commission is paid through the affiliate network. To help increase your sales figures we offer special campaigns on a regular basis, and the advertising banners are automatically on your web site when a new campaign is launched.

Enjoy all the benefits of being a Nero affiliate!


Nero Affiliate Program benefits:

  • Sales commission up to 45% 
  • All orders and payments managed by Nero 
  • Advertising and informational materials supplied by Nero 
  • Automatic update of Nero advertising materials on your web site 
  • Increased sales opportunities with 45-day cookies

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