Nero BackItUp

The backup software for Windows

Nero BackItUp: Creates a backup quickly and easily to an external hard drive, optical media, or the cloud.


Reliable backup for your beloved and irreplaceable data.
Use Nero BackItUp software now to create an automatic backup of all your data and store it on external storage media or in the cloud. Your backup can be encrypted and secured with a password.


Function overview

Full automation of your backup

Relax now, knowing your files are protected: Start your backup daily, weekly, monthly - or whenever you want! Just set a time and date. You can even set up a continuous backup so that Nero BackItUp software continuously protects new files as you update data.

Nero BackItUp – Full automation of your backup

Multiple targets

Back up your backup locally to an additional hard drive, to an external USB drive, or store it in the NAS system - the choice is yours! Either way, Nero BackItUp software helps you reliably back up your files twice. Now you can also run your backup using your cloud storage "OneDrive" and "Google Drive". Of course, data can also be restored online this way. This means that backup and restore with Nero BackItUp software is now possible anywhere.

Nero BackItUp – Multiple targets

Version management

Unlike other backup programs that only save the most recent version of a file, Nero BackItUp software also backs up older versions that you want to protect. When you change a file, all older versions are kept locally. So even if you delete your file or it gets corrupted, it is always recoverable!

Nero BackItUp – Version management

Encryption and compression

You can rest assured that your backup is stored securely thanks to hardware-accelerated AES 256-bit encryption. And with our smart compression algorithm, you can even save some space when you store your files on the USB hard drive.

Nero BackItUp – Encryption and compression

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Nero BackItUp
The Backup pro!

Nero BackItUp



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