Start Finding

Quickly find photos by dates, people, events and meaningful keywords.



Meaningful Labels

Tired of digging through files with incredibly descriptive names like “IMG442.JPG”? Yeah, us too.

Whether the photos and videos on your PC are meticulously cataloged or in complete chaos, Nero Kwik Media will help you find exactly what you want faster.

Folder and subfolder names automatically become keyword tags. Metadata information becomes keyword tags, too. And if that’s not enough to help you find exactly what you want, create as many custom tags as you want. Tag to your heart’s content!

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Facial Recognition

Spend a few minutes identifying the people in your photos and Nero Kwik Media will take care of the rest. Actually finding photos based on who’s in them? We know, novel concept.


Smart Albums

All that tagging is just the tip of the iceberg. Creating smart albums based on combinations of your folder tags, keyword tags and face tags – that’s media-finding nirvana.