My Sync King

Your photos, videos and music playlists synced and optimized for your PC and Android™ mobile devices.



One-Click Sync and Upload

From your digital camera to your Android™ phone or from your PC to tablet, no matter what you’re moving, all it takes is one click. Import, sync and convert your favorite tunes to your Android phone, import photos from your digital camera or watch a movie on your tablet and never worry if it's in the correct format or not. - With Nero Kwik Media

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Wirelessly sync music to Android and transfer photos from your digital camera to Android

Sync iTunes Playlists

You’re never in one place all the time, so why keep it all on just an iPod? Sync your favorite iTunes music to your Smartphone or MP3 player and take your jams with you everywhere you go. - With Nero Kwik Media

Sync iTunes playlists to Android

Perfect Video On-The-Go

Getting your favorite TV shows and movies ready to watch on your smartphone or tablet while on vacation, on the train or just before you fall asleep isn't just for the IT pros anymore. The Nero Kwik Move it app becomes your IT professional by automatically making sure your videos are just the right size and quality for Android™ and other mobile devices. In fact, gone are the days spending hours making sure your video clips are just the right format for viewing, because we’ll take care of the technical stuff so you can watch your entertainment in peace. - With Nero Kwik Media

Sync video to your Android Smartphone and watch them on Android