Your Nero software includes certain features that require the activation of a third party patent. The activation of these patents is easy and free of charge. If you choose to activate the patent at a later time, you can still use the respective features, but you will receive periodic reminders that activation needs to occur within 30 days of your initial use of the product. After this 30-day period you must activate the patent technology before you can continue using the corresponding features.
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The upload time of your projects depends on several factors:
• Internet connection (speed)
• Number of pages and pictures in your photo book (size)
• Resolution of your pictures (size)

Please note that the upload speed and the available bandwidth for the upload can vary, depending on the Internet connection, differences in the upload speed for A-DSL, S-DSL, V-DSL, as well as cable or satellite, or if a W-LAN connection is used, etc.
The actual possible data transfer rate of a DSL access also depends on the distance to the next service switching center.

Theoretically, the maximum available upload rates for A-DSL are as follows:

Upload (max.)
DSL 1000 128 Kbit/s
DSL 2000 192 Kbit/s
DSL 6000 384 Kbit/s
DSL 16000 1024 Kbit/s

Our experience is that a photo book with 24 pages, which includes 48 pictures, taken with a 5 mega pixel camera, plus text and effects takes approximately ten minutes for uploading with a DSL 2000 connection.
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To start working with Nero Mobile Sync, you have to tell the application where your media files are by clicking the button in the upper task bar of the main window. You will not be able to use your media files in the application unless you added the respective folders to the Nero Mobile Sync library. You can indeed fill and manage the media libraries in the Options window at any later time by again clicking the button. Also, you can just drag and drop files or folders to Nero Mobile Sync. A window will automatically open and ask if you would like to add the folder to the library.
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Unfortunately, Nero BackItUp does not support RAID partitions.
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To change the trial version to a full version in Nero ControlCenter, please proceed as follows:

1. Open the Nero Control Center
For Windows 8:
Subsequently click the tiles Nero 12 Nero ControlCenter
For Windows 7/Vista/XP
Click Start in the Windows start menu.
Subsequently click the entries All Programs Nero –> Nero ControlCenter.

The Nero ControlCenter window is opened.

2. Select the Serial numbers menu icon on the left.
Your Product and Serial number will be displayed

3. Click the Add button
The Add your new serial number wizard is opened.

4. Enter the new serial number into the input field
A green check mark is displayed if the serial number is valid

5. Click the Next button
If the Nero product for the issued serial number has not yet been installed, or the serial number offers more applications for the Nero product, the New Applications screen is displayed. This screen offers you the possibility to download the missing Nero product or applications.
The Add serial number screen is displayed and informs you that the serial number was added to your system.

6. Click the Exit button to close the wizard.
You have added a new serial number.
To gain access to the changed feature set we recommend restarting your Nero product.
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