Since October 11th 2011, Nero offers new Nero 11 installer packages that include a fix for the error message mentioned below.

The installation of Nero 11 could fail with an “Adobe Flash 10.2 installer” error message during installation on Windows 7 64-Bit systems and Windows Vista 64-Bit systems.
This also could occur with any other product of the Nero 11 generation or the current updates for Nero 10.

On 4 October 2011 Adobe released a new version of the Adobe Flash Player (version 11).
For the first time the Adobe Flash Player is available as a 64-Bit version.
The Adobe Flash Player update to this new version 11 installs a 64-Bit version of the Flash Player on Windows 64-Bit systems.
A working version of the 32-Bit Adobe Flash Player is required to install Nero 11 associated programs (or Nero 10 updates) properly.

How does this affect the installation of Nero 11 (and Nero 10 updates)?

Users of Nero 10 can simply restart the update from Nero ControlCenter.

Users of Nero 11 have two options:

1. Nero provides new Nero 11 installer files which include a fix for the error mentioned above. Download one of these new Nero 11 installer packages and start the installation of Nero 11 again. All installer packs have been replaced, including Nero 11 Platinum, Nero 11, Nero Video 11, Nero Kwik Media Free version.
2. Download and install the 32-Bit version from Adobe at
Restart the installation of Nero 11. (Any version of Nero 11 downloaded between Oct 4th and October 11th 2011)

Please also find detailed instructions with screenshots about how to resolve this problem in this posting on the Nero Forum.
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