A clean photo archive

Nero DuplicateManager Photo

cleans up your photo archive quickly and reliably

Nero DuplicateManager Photo helps you to clean up your image archive with exact, duplicate and similar images quickly and accurately.

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Nero DuplicateManager Photo

Put an end to unnecessary pictures

more space
more time

More storage space thanks to DuplicateManager Photo you don't give away expensive storage space any more

More time no more wasting your valuable time on manual searches

Better overview thanks to smart duplicate finder technology (exact, duplicate or similar images)

better overview

More storage space, better overview

Have you archived your photos for years on your PC and connected devices? Now you realize that you have a fairly large number of duplicate and similar images on your PC that take up valuable storage space? Rest assured that you're not the only one who has this experience.
Nero DuplicateManager Photo solves your problems quickly and safely.

Simple, fast and safe

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(1) Start search
Recover valuable disk space with DuplicateManager Photo

(2) Confirm preselection
Smart Duplicate Finder technology makes recommendations

(3) Duplicates deleted
Duplicates safely deleted with best overview and easy recovery if desired


Your reliable problem solver

Anyone who uses their PC to archive their photo collection from smartphones, digital cameras, USB sticks, online storage and the like will know the problem. How many others will you probably have experienced these typical cases:

The problem
Problem-Icon Duplicate images piled up from different devices
Problem-Icon Duplicated pictures of sharing with family and friends
Problem-Icon Copies of duplicated images that were accidentally created
Problem-Icon Nearly identical images through image processing (filters, color correction, etc.)
Problem-Icon Almost identical images due to resizing
Problem-Icon Nearly identical images through continuous shooting
Problem-Icon Almost identical images through HDR image sequences imported from your smartphone
Problem-Icon Almost identical images of many similar motifs
Problem-Icon Identical images stored in different image formats

It's that simple

Simply select one or more of your specific cleanup folders and start image recognition. The Image Cleanup mode for exact duplicates shows what you should keep and what you should safely delete, while the similar Image Recognition mode conveniently automatically categorizes your similar images into "Places", "Series", "Motifs", "Resize", "Formats" and more. This makes it extremely easy for you to find, compare and decide which types of similar images you want to keep and clean.

The problem

To resolve your situation, you must first identify your duplicates and then decide which images you want to keep and what should be securely deleted. In many cases this can be very time-consuming. In addition, deciding what to keep and what to delete can be very difficult. Nero DuplicateManager Photo solves both problems: It helps you clean up your image archive with exact duplicate images and similar images quickly and accurately.

The solution

The problem

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean duplicates on different drives ?

Yes, in Windows Explorer like view you can simply select your drives, and folders that you want to have detected and cleaned. You can even add external drives.

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Can I also identify and clean duplicated folders?

Yes, you can simply check detected duplicated folders and find a recommendation which ones are save to delete.

Similar Images

When duplicate images are detected, how do I know which ones to clean and which ones to keep?

There is a very comfortable visualization for this. You will get recommendations what is safe to delete indicated by the color red. The green color marks what you should keep.


What does similar image detection do, and how can I clean similar images?

You will probably have many similar images with very similar motives in the archive (Series shots, HDR, etc.) Nero DuplicateManager Photo recognizes all your similar images and categorizes them into categories and groups of similarities. This way you can easily check and decide what you want to keep or clean. Categories are: Places, Series, Motives, Resized, Formats and Other.


I do HDR images on my smartphone and also some photo editing with filters on images. Is there a way to identify and clean such similar images?

Yes, within the category 'Series' or 'Motive' you will find these images detected and grouped for cleaning. So you can easily decide what to keep or delete.

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I am resizing images for sharing. Is there a way to identify and clean these images?

Yes, within the category 'resized' all these images will be detected and grouped for cleaning. So you can easily decide what to keep or delete.

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When my images were cleaned, is there a way to restore them?

No worries, you can restore deleted (cleaned) images and folders from within the application. The final overview page will help you to verify the cleaning and also provides restore options.

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Nero DuplicateManager Photo in comparison

Check Other Duplicate Finder
Detect exact duplicate images Yes Yes
Detect exact duplicate folders Yes No
Detect duplicates with different name Yes Yes
Recommend what is save to delete Yes limited
Identify similar images Yes Very limited
Group similar images into categories Yes No
Show statistics for cleaning Yes No
Super easy workflow Yes Very limited

Never again unnecessary duplicates

Do not waste your precious time with an inflated image archive and lack of free space on your hard disk. Use Nero DuplicateManager Photo now and get rid of a task that's long overdue.

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Nero Duplicate
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US $49.95
US $29.95
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