Soothing security

Nero RFID Blocking Card
Protect your bank cards in your wallet


Why do I need NFC protection?

Currently, most of our bank cards and documents use RFID technology to store information. Your data can be stolen by hackers using an NFC smartphone or reader. That's why you need to protect yourself from data theft. Compared to the RFID wallet, the Nero RFID Blocking Card is a practical and very reliable data protection solution.

RFID Blocking
No battery
6 cm Protective area

RFID Blocking

No battery

6 cm Protective area




100% safety

The Nero RFID Blocking Card protects your entire wallet from criminal data scanning (EC card, passport, credit cards) with the help of an innovative interfering transmitter. The protection area is 6 cm. Access cards (e.g. for door opening cards) are not affected by the jamming transmitter and can be used easily.

Nero RFID Blocking Card

Easy to use

The Nero RFID Blocking Card finds space in every purse thanks to its ultra-thin design! The durable material ensures maximum ruggedness and tear resistance.

Small card with great impact

Protect your money cards now, simply and conveniently!

Nero RFID Blocking Card

Nero RFID Blocking Card


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