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Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.0 Brings Extensive Quality Testing To DVD/RW Drives And Media

Recordable DVD Playback Compatibilities Set To Be A Thing Of The Past As Latest Update Of Industry Standard Utility Includes Extensive DVD Test And Verification Functionality

KARLSBAD, GERMANY (June 1st, 2004) -- Ahead Software, leaders in digital media technology, today announced the release of Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.0. Included in Nero Toolkit, Nero CD-DVD Speed has long been the de-facto standard in CD/DVD test utility tools. Used extensively by the World’s leading drive makers, Nero CD-DVD Speed has proved to be of immeasurable benefit in the pre and post release testing phase of today’s CD and DVD recordable hardware.

Version 3.0 has a huge array of new tests for manufacturers and consumers alike. In particular for users of DVD Recordable drives, Nero CD-DVD Speed adds full support for DVD+R DL (Double Layer), DVD Overburning, and a special DVD quality test that verifies the quality of DVD discs by reporting PI/PO/Jitter errors.

A DVD quality test has been a much requested feature, ensuring the data recorded on the disc is safe and can be played on stand alone DVD players. If the DVD quality test reveals some irregularities, the user can decide to record the DVD at a lower speed, or use a different media brand.

In the preparation of the new DVD+R Double Layer drives, Nero CD-DVD Speed has been instrumental in the verification process of key drive makers ensuring faster time to market. The Nero 6 digital media suite includes Nero CD-DVD Speed. Nero CD-DVD Speed will also be exclusively included with forthcoming new DVD/RW and DVD+R DL products from a host of PC and peripheral makers in 2004.

“We feel very honored that so many of the World’s major manufacturers of recordable CD and DVD drives are using Nero CD-DVD Speed to aid their development”, says Nero Toolkit senior engineer Erik Deppe, Ahead Software AG, “With the advent of DVD+R DL, and the explosive growth of recordable DVD generally, we’ve worked very closely with our manufacturing partners ensuring a level of robustness and compatibility previously not seen in recordable DVD”.

Other notable features of the new Nero CD-DVD Speed include improved disc info function with added book type, improved erase capabilities for DVD+RW, test capacity for transfer rate and create data disc function, increased speed options in Advanced DAE test, and better support for systems without ASPI.

Nero CD-DVD Speed will be available as part of the Nero Toolkit application bundled with CD-DVD recorders or as a free download for current Nero 6 users from

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