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Nero first to announce single-chip decoding solution as 3GPP approves HE-AAC for Mobile Phone Music Delivery on 3G Handsets

Nero Digital™ 3GPP AUDIO ASIC scheduled for Q1/2005

Karlsbad, Germany (October 11th, 2004) --
Following the 3GPP announcement of MPEG-4 High-Efficiency AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) as the codec of choice for delivery of audio content to future 3G devices, Ahead Software AG, leaders in digital media technology and co-developers with Ateme of France of Nero Digital™, the IT and CE all-in-one MPEG-4 solution, have announced VHDL core, capable of decoding 3GPP audio, (HE-AAC v2 – with parametric stereo extensions) as well as legacy Low Complexity AAC and High Efficiency AAC audio, already used in online music delivery over the internet.

High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding with parametric stereo extensions (known as HE-AAC v2) provides the highest possible audio quality at previously unseen bit rates as low as 24 kilobits per second. This makes HE-AAC v2 perfectly suitable for narrowband and mobile networks. The Nero Digital™ Audio implementation of HE-AAC v2 has already proven to be superior in the audio quality stakes, as proven by recent independent listening tests.

Full Nero Digital™ Audio 3GPP VHDL solution will contain:

  • Audio Source Decoder (supporting 3GPP HE-AAC modes, including HE-AAC v2 with parametric stereo extensions, HE-AAC and LC-AAC)
  • Integrated digital equalizer inside the AAC core (reducing power consumption and eliminating need for additional electronic components)

Nero Digital™ Audio 3GPP VHDL is the complete solution for mobile and portable device integrators willing to enable 3GPP music delivery functionality to their devices, with additional supporting playback of the latest generation MPEG-4 audio codecs of Nero Digital™. With a single chip solution, it is now possible to decode all the latest industry standards in multimedia coding, while at the same time, beating the DSP competition in power consumption and price – a feature highly recommended for mobile products.

Saving battery life, production and design costs, Nero Digital™ 3GPP VHDL solution will enable the highest quality listening experience for any compatible device.

Custom tailored VHDL solutions, which support a subset of the offered standards, are available on request.

About Ahead

Ahead Software provides the most reliable CD/DVD software applications available to serve digital media markets worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, Ahead’s leading application, Nero, has built a loyal customer base of more than 140 million users world-wide.

Ahead’s award-winning flagship product, Nero 6, provides an all-in-one comprehensive digital media solution. Ahead’s product line also includes Nero Digital™ – audio/video technology, the new Nero PhotoShow Elite – the easy and complete photo solution, SIPPS™ – VoIP, and across – professional computer aided translation software. Ahead distributes its products globally through world’s leading drive manufacturers and PC makers, as well as leading worldwide retailers, online partners, and also directly to consumers at Ahead Software AG is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany, with its subsidiaries Ahead Software Inc. located in Glendale, California, USA and Ahead Software K.K. located in Yokohama, Japan. 

About Ateme

Ateme, headquartered in France (, is a world leading provider of hardware and software solutions for video and signal processing in the embedded market. Ateme delivers custom services on top of its boards and algorithms. Since 2002, Ateme video-centric strategy focuses on multi-codecs application reference designs which targets the specific markets of video-security, broadcast and consumer electronics. The result for OEMs is a faster product design, a shorter time to market and a reduction in total costs. Ateme operates worldwide thanks to its distribution network.

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