Burning a DVD with MP4 and MOV Files

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure for burning MP4 and MOV files on a DVD with Nero Vision .
The following requirement must be fulfilled:
You have started Nero Vision.
You have inserted an empty DVD in the desired recorder.
To burn MP4 and MOV files on a DVD, proceed as follows:
In the Start screen, select the Make DVD selection entry and the DVD-Video disk type.
The Content screen is displayed.
Click the Import > Import Files button.
A window is opened.
Select the MP4 and MOV files which you want to burn.
Click the Open button.
The video titles are added to the project.
Click the Next button.
The Edit Menu screen is displayed.
Click the Next button.
The Preview screen is displayed.
Click the Next button.
The Burn Options screen is displayed.
Click the Burn button.
The Burn Process screen is displayed. The project files are converted into the appropriate format and then written as a folder to the target folder.
You have burned MP4 and MOV files on a DVD.

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