Export to YouTube

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure for exporting a movie in Nero Vision to the YouTube community.

The following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • You have started Nero Vision.
  • You have opened a video for editing in the screen or you have added at least one video to your project in the screen.

To export a movie to the Internet, proceed as follows:
  1. Click the Export button.

  2. The Export Video screen appears.

    Export Video Screen

  3. Select the Export to Internet export option in the selection area and click the Export button.

  4. A window informs you that your video must now be converted to an export file.

  5. Click on the Yes button.

  6. The video is exported to a file. Progress is displayed in the same window.

    As soon as the export file has been created, the My Nero Login window opens during the first import or export from/into the Internet.

  7. Click on the Cancel button.

  8. The Upload to Internet window opens. Here, you can specify all information about the export file.

    Communities normally limit the maximum length of a video file to 10 minutes with a maximum file size of 100 MB. If the movie is too long, an error message is displayed and Nero Vision cancels the procedure.


    When starting the export function, Nero checks whether new configuration files are available. A window informs you if there are any recommended or required updates.


  9. In the lower right area of the window, select the YouTube entry in the Select other community combo box.

  10. The input fields of the selected YouTube community are displayed accordingly.

    Upload to the internet window

  11. Enter the video title in the Title input field.
  12. Enter a short description of the video in the Description text box.
  13. Enter the appropriate keywords in the Keywords input field and/or activate the check boxes for the desired video categories.
  14. Select the video language in the Languages combo box.

  15. The Upload button is enabled once you have made all the required entries.

    Upload to the internet window

  16. Click the Upload button.

  17. The window YouTube Login is opened.

    YouTube Login window

  18. Enter your Login Name and Password for the YouTube internet community in the input fields and click OK.

  19. The export starts. The export progress is displayed in the same window. Nero Vision automatically returns to the screen that was displayed before the export.

You have exported a movie to the Internet.

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