Setting Up Autobackup and Saving Files

In this tutorial you can follow the step-by-step procedure for setting up and configuring the automatic Autobackup function in Nero StartSmart. For this purpose, the Internet service Nero Online Backup will be used as a backup location.

Once it has been set up, Autobackup is available in your computer's system tray and backs up the specified folders in the background. During this process, the existing backup is replaced by the current one.


Nero Online Backup offers you an online data storage (which is subject to charge). We recommend a broadband Internet connection (e.g. DSL-1000 or faster) for uploading the files to be backed up. The costs for the Internet connection and the costs for using the Internet service Nero Online Backup are the user's responsibility.



This update backup method is used for automatic backups made through Autobackup. In this process, the data from the previous backup is overwritten with the modified data. This means that there are no backup versions, i.e. accessing older backup versions is not possible.

Files that are deleted from a monitored folder are kept in the backup. If you want to delete these files from the backup as well, then use the delete feature, which can be selected in the Autobackup screen.

The following requirement has to be met:

  • A Internet connection is established.

To set up Autobackup and to save files with Nero Online Backup, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Autobackup menu icon.
    • The Autobackup screen is displayed.
  2. Click the Backup entry.
    • The Backup screen is displayed.
  3. Specify which folders you want to monitor with Autobackup in the Backup Sourcearea:
    1. Click Add to add your own folders to the monitoring list.
    2. Select a folder and click Remove folder to remove a folder from the monitoring list.
  4. If you have not yet subscribed to the Nero Online Backup service, click the Subscribe Now button.
    • A window in which you can start the registration process is displayed. You will then be directed to the Nero Online Shop where payment for the Internet service Nero Online Backup can be made. Registration and payment take place outside of Nero StartSmart. A subscription ID is established, entered into the Subscription ID field in Nero StartSmart, and then activated after successful payment.
  5. Click the Login button.
    • The Subscription Management window is displayed.
  6. Enter the password you specified during the registration process into the appropriate field.
  7. Click the Login button.
    • The Subscription Management window is displayed. The Online storage location in the Backup Target area is active. The capacity bar indicates how much you can still save to the online backup.
  8. Click the Backup button.
    • The first full backup for the folders that you have specified is carried out.
  • Autobackup has been set up and is now monitoring the specified folders. If there are modifications or new files, Autobackup carries out a backup update automatically.

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