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SecurDisc 3.0 is here!

  • No special hardware needed!
  • Burn discs with SecurDisc technology on any optical disc recorder.
  • Burn data on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs for ultimate protection and long-term data readability.
  • Protect confidential data from prying eyes. Password Protection guards against unauthprized access.
  • Verify the content of data stored on a disc. Digital Signatures ensures proof of origin.
  • Protect data against disc deterioration. Receive alerts of possible loss of data due to disc deterioration.
  • Rescue data from damaged discs. Data Reliability gives you an extra chance to recover data.
  • Secure and enhanced disc protection for important content and confidential data.

SecurDisc – Taking disc protection and burn reliability to the max

SecurDisc 3.0 is the comprehensive, state-of-the-art protection solution for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, offering multiple levels of protection for data, music, photo and video files. Rest assured that sensitive data is safe with SecurDisc.

Protect your discs with SecurDisc

The SecurDisc advantage:

  • Data Reliability: Make it easier to retrieve data from a damaged disc.
  • Password Protection: Guard against unauthorized access.
  • Data Integrity: Check Detect altered data through checksum verification.
  • Digital Signature: Verify the origin of the data through digital signature verification.
  • Surface Scan: Ensure additional reliability of burned optical discs.

Integrated in Nero products such as Nero 12 Platinum, Nero 12 and Nero Burning ROM 12.

Try SecurDisc 3.0 now! SecurDisc 3.0 is included in Nero 12.

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How to protect your data with SecurDisc 3.0

SecurDisc protects your valuable and confidential files through a range of security options you control. Discover how SecurDisc overcomes common security problems:

Security problem #1
How do I retrieve data from damaged discs? I want to be able to retrieve my files if a disc is accidentally damaged.
SecurDisc Solution: Data Reliability helps rescue data from a damaged disc

After you've copied all your files onto a disc, SecurDisc uses the empty space to add redundant and checksum data. This significantly increases the chances of your files being retrieved, even if the disc itself is damaged. SecurDisc significantly increases your chances of retrieving data from damaged CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs, regardless of scratches, age or deterioration with Data Reliability. When you record data to optical media, the discs rarely fill up to their capacity and a substantial amount of space remains unused. SecurDisc's Data Reliability feature is included with every burn and efficiently stores multiple versions of the information in the remaining space to safeguard your files in the event that your disc gets damaged.

Security problem #2
How do I prevent unwanted access to my files? I have confidential data I want to keep away from prying eyes.
SecurDisc Solution: Password Protection keeps away prying eyes

SecurDisc allows you to create a password-protected disc, meaning that anyone wanting to view the contents of your files and folders must enter the correct password in order to do so. Since you set the password and you control who receives this password, you can feel safe knowing that access to your critical information is restricted. SecurDisc ensures the protection of confidential data using AES-128, an encryption standard used by banks and the U.S government. This high security level algorithm prohibits access to the protected data without the password set by the original author. Protected data can only be accessed when entering the correct password in SecurDisc Viewer. The password length recommended should be at least 16 characters long. Complete sentences can also be entered and with AES-128 encryption, it has added security.

Security problem #3
How can I preserve my important data over time? Knowing that discs decay over time or can be scratched, I want to ensure that the family photos and videos I record to CDs and DVDs are preserved for years to come and don't become unreadable.
SecurDisc Solution: Data Integrity Check protects your data from disc deterioration

While nothing can prevent disc decay, SecurDisc can save your data by notifying you that it is in danger of being lost forever, giving you time to back it up to another disc. SecurDisc provides another layer of protection through its Data Integrity Check, which warns you if your disc data is at risk of deteriorating, giving you time to back up your files to another disc. The Data Integrity Check feature is always enabled for security, and utilizes a special checksum algorithm to detect errors on discs and then alerts you so your data is always safe and restorable.

Security problem #4
How can I transfer sensitive data? I need to securely transfer highly sensitive, confidential information to another party, and I want to be confident that even if I lose a disc, the information will remain secure.
SecurDisc Solution: Digital Signature verifies the authenticity of your files

SecurDisc lets you sign a disc to ensure that the information is valid and has not been manipulated in anyway. A doctor, for example, can digitally sign confidential medical files, and then distribute a public key to the disc's recipients. The recipients can then use the key to verify the authenticity of the disc's contents and ensure they are receiving accurate, non-tampered data. When you transfer important data from one person to another, the recipient must be able to tell that the data is authentic and has not been altered. SecurDisc lets you digitally sign an entire SecurDisc disc using a trusted signing key. Create an encrypted digital signature directly from the application and then distribute to anyone who receives the disc. This allows them to verify the authenticity of the data using the digital signature as a unique verification key.

Security problem #5
How can I ensure that my burned discs are reliably burned? I want to be able to send discs to family and friends that will play back perfectly.
SecurDisc Solution: Surface Scan helps ensure the reliability of burned discs

Go beyond just burning with SecurDisc Surface Scan, which offers additional reliability of burned optical discs. Surface scanning checks the surface of optical discs for errors, such as scratches, and gives a quick assessment of the disc surface condition immediately after burning. Surface Scan can be included with every burn to ensure your discs are error free before storing or playback.


Need to access the contents of a SecurDisc-protected Disc and don't have an embedded SecurDisc Viewer?
Download the latest version of SecurDisc Viewer to get access (does not support PDF copy protection).