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SecurDisc 4.0 is here!

SecurDisc 4.0™ is an innovative technology which provides data protection and content access control on media through an optical drive-software combined solution.

With the ability to store data redundantly and digitally authenticating data, SecurDisc™ provides professional and private users with the means necessary to protect and share data securely.


SecurDisc 4.0 - Taking disc protection and burn reliability to the max

The encryption technology used is AES-256 bit and AES-128 bit technology (Advanced Encryption Standard). To decrypt, the user must enter a password in a program which will be transmitted encrypted to the drive where it will be decrypted. 
This method is more efficient and this more secure than a purely software-based solution.

Protect your discs with SecurDisc
Nero SecurDisc 4.0 features:
  • Double protection of user data against unauthorized access through:

           - Password protection.

           - Password authentication via the drive.
  • Digital Signature can be applied to all data to allow recipients to verify data authenticity.
  • Checksums are stored on the disc to verify data integrity and readability.
  • Maximum data reliability via redundancy storage and defect data management system.
  • No special hardware needed.
  • Integrated in Nero Burning ROM