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Find and fix PC problems that slow you down

Nero TuneItUp – Gets Windows®-based PCs back to speed and back in shape

Karlsruhe, Germany, August 4, 2015. Lengthy loading times for websites or software applications, hanging updates, PC and laptop crashes... As anyone who’s worked with Windows® for any period of time will know, it doesn’t take long till your computer is running at a far from ideal speed. Nero TuneItUp ensures that even regular users can boot up their PCs up to 50% faster, optimize all system settings, and surf the web in more privacy. Just a simple click is all it takes to carry out tasks such as cleaning up junk files, deleting your Internet history and Recycle Bin contents, locating large files, and safely uninstalling unwanted programs. A high-speed mode also ensures that any CPU intensive programs can be run with maximum performance. The software supports Windows® operating system versions up to Windows® 10 and is available for immediate download from as freeware, with the option of purchasing the PRO version which includes more advanced features.

For many users, moving to Windows® 10 involves a very specific risk: that their hard disk gets more cluttered and the speed of regularly used programs and applications drops. Nero TuneItUp takes immediate corrective action – without any need for users to delve deeply into the technological ins and outs of their operating system.

“Compatible with Windows® 10" Microsoft Certification

Nero TuneItUp has achieved Microsoft® certification as evidence that the software is fully compatible with Windows® 10. To ensure this, system specific features have been integrated. Nero TuneItUp automatically optimizes the Windows® settings, while Internet tuning and cleaning functions are incorporated into the tool for when the Microsoft® Edge browser is in use. Windows® 8.1/8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, and Windows® XP are also supported.

Nero TuneItUp FREE – Reliable, Secure, and Free.

Nero TuneItUp FREE, the free-to-use version, includes seven main functions to make slow computers run faster and more secure. These include a registry cleaner, which searches the Windows® registry for stability errors, fixes problems, and thus helps prevent the computer from crashing. Users of Nero TuneItUp also have the option to clean up their computers by simply clicking a button which removes unnecessary files and clutter. Similarly, files in the Recycle Bin, which are never fully deleted by Windows®, can be securely and permanently erased.

The multimedia data manager function locates large files and folders on the hard drive. It’s then very easy to remove or transfer unnecessary files and reclaim more disk space. In addition, the uninstall wizard lists all installed programs and highlights those that may be potentially unwanted. Users can then decide which programs they can do without and remove them completely.

Nero TuneItUp FREE also includes a high-speed mode. With this, a simple click is all that’s needed to temporarily disable rarely used or unused services when power-draining applications such as video programs or games are in use.

In addition to performance optimization tools, Nero TuneItUp also addresses privacy issues. Nero TuneItUp can safely delete revealing traces of Internet activity such as temporary Internet files, cookies, and browsing history. As a result, web browsing becomes not just faster but also more private.

Nero TuneItUp FREE can be downloaded from

Nero TuneItUp PRO – Even Better Performance and always up-to-date.

Users, who want to take their computer’s performance to the next level, can utilize additional advanced features with NeroTuneItUp PRO. These include faster system startup, whereby background processes and operations such as the automatic loading of unnecessary programs are deactivated. 

Additional Features in Nero TuneItUp PRO:

-       Faster web-browsing thanks to optimized web settings

-       Automatic optimization of Windows® services

-       Scanning for outdated drivers and software with direct update downloads from a central database

-       Power-saving mode for longer battery life on laptops

Nero TuneItUp PRO is available now at a suggested retail price of US $49.99 per year, or for US $69.99 per year for up to three PCs, from authorized Nero sales partners, or directly from the Nero online shop at
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