Play Everything with Nero MediaHome

All inclusive: Do you have a party video on your mobile phone? Vacation videos from your AVCHD digital camera? Or the latest music CD from your favorite band? We’ll play everything:

Nero  Video 2015 supports virtually any playback format, giving you total freedom to play it all straight through one interface. Play any file, be it video, photo, audio, music playlist, slideshow, DVD-Video™ or audio discs. Just double-click on virtually any format, sit back and enjoy. Even play back Ultra HD video (4K) and right within Nero MediaHome to transform your laptop or PC into the ultimate home theatre machine.

Streaming movies to your TV, Android, iPadzoom

Anywhere Streaming with Nero MediaHome & Nero MediaHome Receiver App

No boundaries: Don’t just let your media library sit on your PC. With Nero 2015, you can finally stream any video, photo or music file to virtually all devices in your home. Thanks to our new auto-transcoding feature and our new Nero Media Home Receiver App for iOS and Android, you’ll stream content right from your PC to any smartphone or tablet and even TVs where it wouldn’t play before.


All Your Music. One Application

Everything together: Do you have different music playlists in different PC applications and devices and find it difficult to manage all of these consistently? We’ve got the solution: Nero MediaHome handles all of your music playlists in Windows Media® Player and iTunes. Simply have Windows Media® Player and iTunes® playlists be part of your music library in Nero MediaHome.

It was never easier to listen to any of your music playlists with one media player that integrates Windows Media Player® and iTunes®. 

All Your Music. One Application. zoom