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Nero Mobile Apps

Rip & Convert Your Files

Rip CDs & DVDs and convert files easily to any format - and put them on virtually all your devices!


Take your videos and photos everywhere you go with Nero Recode

Everywhere playback: Getting your favorite TV shows and movies ready for your smartphone or tablet so you can watch while on vacation, on the train or in bed isn’t rocket science anymore: Just select a pre-configured profile for your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, Android smartphone or tablet, XBOX™, Sony Playstation™, PS Vita™ or other device. Drag the file you want to convert into the Nero Recode drop zone and start the job. Files can be taken from AVCHDs, DVD-Videos, or any other video and audio files¹). It doesn’t get any simpler and you’ll get perfect results every time.

More devices: With 2015, we’ve also added support for all the latest devices on the market.ast ripping and converting

Nero Recodezoom

From Disc to Smartphone & Tablet. In One Go

1-Click-Conversion: Tired of buying the same movie twice on your tablet, when you got it at home on DVD? Enough of that: Just connect your device to your PC and insert a disc into the disc drive. Nero Disc to Device will do a 1-click conversion of your DVD-Videos, AVCHDs¹) and Audio CDs straight to your device and even to your Dropbox™, OneDrive or Google Drive™ with the best quality possible.

Less steps: Transcode your Nero Recode project even faster than before. Just insert any DVD-Video or AVCHD into your disc drive and jump straight to Nero Recode 

Save online videos to audios discszoom

Author and burn your conversion jobs
to DVD-Video™ and Blu-ray Disc™ with
Nero Recode

From video to disc: Converted a video with Nero Recode and want to burn it straight to DVD-Video™ or Blu-ray Disc™? Not a problem: In Nero Recode convert screen click ‘Create Video with Nero Video’ plus the desired disc format and all your video files will show up in the Nero Video content screen for authoring. Then select one of the high quality Hollywood style disc menus and burn to disc (DVD-Video™, AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc™).

Pre-configured device profiles in Nero Recodezoom

Enjoy the NEW Nero 2015 Classic

Nero 2015 Classic

For Windows® 8, Windows® 7,
Windows Vista® , Windows® XP