Setting up Local Autobackup

With Nero BackItUp you can set up and configure Autobackup to automatically back up files and folders to a local or external hard drive. We recommend the drive to be empty. Once it has been set up, Autobackup is available in the Windows notification area. Autobackup regularly backs up all folders on all hard drives in a defined sequence. You can also choose individual folders and define your own time schedule.

Setting up Autobackup is particularly useful when you want to carry out regular backups. The advantages are, e.g. that all the settings for the backup have already been configured and that there is no risk of forgetting a backup date or of not carrying out a backup as scheduled (as long as the computer is on).


Autobackup formats the external or internal hard drive with the NTFS file system if it is formatted with another file system. In this case, all data on this drive will be lost.

To set up Autobackup or change the settings, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Backup > Autobackup menu.
    • The Autobackup - Options screen is displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate Autobackup entry.
    • If Nero BackItUp does not detect an external empty hard drive, a window is opened which asks you how to proceed. To choose the target by yourself, click the No, select another target button.
    • The Autobackup - Select the target drive screen is displayed.
  3. Select the desired target and click the button.
    • The drive is formatted with the NTFS system. A progress window is opened and displays the progress made while formatting.
    • The Autobackup - Autobackup status screen is displayed.
  4. If you want to change the default settings regarding time schedule and folders to be backed up:
    1. Click the Edit button in the Settings area.
      • The Autobackup - Define the settings screen is displayed.
    2. Select the Use custom setting for time schedule and backup data option button.
    3. Enter the desired values in the Time schedule area. You can always set the values back to the default settings by clicking the Reset button.
    4. Select the check boxes in the Backup data area for the folders you want to backup.
    5. Click the button.
      • The Autobackup - Autobackup status screen is displayed again.
  5. If you want to manually start the first backup now, click the Backup Now button in the Status area.
    • The first full backup for the folders that you have specified is carried out. You can monitor the progress with the progress bar in the Status area.
  6. Click the button.
  • The final screen is displayed. Autobackup has been set up and carries out the backup updates automatically due to the specified settings.

Turn off Autobackup

If you want to turn off Autobackup, just click the button in the Autobackup status screen.

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