Creating Multiple Discs with Nero DiscSpan

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure for compiling and burning discs with Nero Burning ROM
With Nero Burning ROM you can compile and burn all types of files and folders to multiple discs. The DiscSpan (UDF) compilation type is useful when the data to be burned is too large to fit on a single disc or when a single fit exceeds the capacity of a disc. Nero Burning ROM splits such files automatically and distributes them dynamically among several discs.The number of discs to be used is shown in the compilation screen and you can switch the disc type here. However, during the burn process you are allowed to alternate the disc types (CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc) regardless of which disc type you chose at the beginning.
To create a DiscSpan compilation, proceed as follows:
Clickt the Nero Burning ROM icon.
Nero Burning ROM is opened and displays the New Compilation window.
Select the DiscSpan (UDF) compilation type from the selection list.
The tabs with the configuration options that are valid for this compilation type are displayed.
 NBR_WIW_DiscSpan Comp Window
New Compilation - DiscSpan (UDF)
Click the New button.
The New Compilation window is closed and the selection screen is displayed.
 NBR_WIW_DiscSpan Selection Screen
Selection Screen - DiscSpan (UDF)
Select the files/folders that you want to burn from the browser area.
Drag the required files/folders into the compilation area on the left side.
The files are added to the compilation and displayed in the compilation screen. The capacity bar indicates how much space is required by the DiscSpan compilation. On the left an info field indicates how much discs will be burned.
If required, you can change the disc type in the drop-down menu.
Click the Burn Now button.
The Waiting for Disc window is opened.
Insert a blank CD into the drive.
The burn process is started. On the screen a progress bar indicates the progress being made by the burn process. When the disc space is used up the Waiting for Disc window is opened.
Repeat the previous step.
When the burn process has finished the disc is ejected and a message window is opened.
Click the OK button.
The burning process is complete
You have successfully burned data discs.
The restore tool Nero DiscMerge and a file catalog is burned on the last disc of the set by Nero Burning ROM. With this tool the split files can be merged together and copied to the hard drive. Files that are not split can of course be accessed without the help of Nero DiscMerge.
Further information about how to restore with Nero DiscMerge can be found in the tutorial Remerge Data with Nero DiscMerge.

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