Copying a Disc with Nero DiscCopy

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure for copying and burning an Audio CD with Nero DiscCopy under Windows 7.
Windows 7 features so-called gadgets which appear in the sidebar or on the desktop and are a quick and easy way of executing frequently required operations. Nero DiscCopy is one of these gadgets for Windows 7, and allows you to easily copy and burn discs directly.
Nero DiscCopy is a gadget that is available in both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
Proceed as follows:
To start Nero DiscCopy and to make it available for further access:
Click the Windows 7 Start button.
The Start menu is opened.
Click the Control Panel entry.
The Adjust your computer’s settings window is opened.
Click the Desktop Gadgets menu icon.
A window showing all the gadgets is opened.
 NDC_WIW_Gadget window
Double-click the Nero DiscCopy icon.
The Nero DiscCopy gadget is available.
To copy an Audio CD:
Click the  NDC_ICN_Copy button button.
The Wait for a disc fly-out window is displayed.
 NDC_WIW_Waiting for disc
Insert an Audio CD in the disc drive.
The copy process is started. After the copy process is finished the Wait for a disc fly-out window is displayed and the disc is ejected.
Remove the Audio CD from the drive and insert a blank CD into the drive.
The burn process is started; a fly-out window keeps you informed of the progress.
You have successfully copied and burned an Audio CD.

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