Recode DVD

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure for recoding a video in Nero Recode.


The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
  • You have started Nero Recode.
  • You have inserted a DVD into your drive.

To recode a video, proceed as follows:
  1. Select the Recode an Entire DVD to DVD task in the Nero Recode start screen.

  2. The My DVD Backup screen appears.

  3. Click the Import DVD button.

  4. The Find Folder dialog box opens.

  5. Select the drive which has the DVD in it and click the OK button (e.g. F: drive).

  6. The DVD is analyzed and imported.
    The capacity bar on the bottom of the screen displays how large the imported files from the DVD will be. If the source DVD is larger than the target medium then the middle section of the DVD-Video Files tab displays how the DVD can be recoded to match the selected profile.

    NR_WIW_My DVD Backup_1

  7. Make sure that the Fit to Target check box is selected and choose the desired target format in the drop-down menu (e.g. 8cm DVD [1.4GB])

  8. The contents of the source DVD are then recoded to fit the target format selected in the drop-down menu Fit to target.

    NR_WIW_My DVD Backup_2

    If the Fit to Target check box is not selected, the DVD-Video is imported in its original size. In this case the volume of data can be so great that it can only be burned onto a double-layer DVD or saved on the hard drive.


  9. Click the Next button to define the burn settings.

  10. The Burn Settings screen appears.

  11. In the Target drop-down menu, select the drive on which you want to burn (e.g. F: drive).
  12. Click the Burn button to start the burn process.

  13. The burn process begins.
    The Recoding and Burning screen is displayed and you can follow the burn process with the progress bar.

    The Waiting for Disc window is opened.

  14. Please insert empty, writeable disc

  15. The burn process is complete when the relevant message appears in the information window.

  16. Decide if you want to save a log file of the burn process.

You have recoded a DVD and burned it.
You can now go back to the burn settings and burn the compilation again. The Next button leads you to the "What would you like to do now?" screen. There, you can select further options or end Nero Recode.

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