DVD-Menu - Choose Template and Edit Title

In this tutorial you can follow the step by step procedure for selecting a menu template for your Nero Vision project and for adjusting the disc title to your specifications.


The number of Smart3D and Animated 2D templates is limited in Nero Vision Essentials and Nero Vision Essentials SE. Advanced Editing is not available in Nero Vision Essentials SE.


The following requirement has to be fulfilled:

  • You have started Nero Vision.
  • The screen Edit Menu is displayed.

Proceed as follows to select and edit a menu template:
  1. Select the desired menu template group in the Category drop-down menu.

  2. The menu templates of the selected category are displayed.

  3. Select the desired menu template.

  4. In the preview and compilation area, the menu items of the selected title or chapter menus are displayed according to the template selected.
    A menu can have up to two levels in addition to the intro video. The main or title menu consists of all the video titles in the project. If a video title has more than one chapter, a submenu is generated. Each chapter of the respective video title is represented by a button in the chapter menu. When making changes, you can adjust the levels of the menu independently.

  5. Click the Customize tab.

  6. The Customize tab is displayed. Nero Vision automatically starts in normal editing mode with the Compact Menu View.

  7. Highlight the menu you want to edit in the Menu View (e.g. the main menu to begin with).
  8. Double-click the headline in the compilation area to select the text.

  9. You have three options to set the focus when editing a text box or a thumbnail button. If the focus lies on the entire surface, it can be moved or adjusted proportionally in size. If, in the case of thumbnail buttons, the focus lies on the text element of the button, the length of the text field can be adjusted and moved within the button. If the focus lies on the text in the text element, the input can be edited. The highlighted area is marked with a red frame and/or handles.
    On the Customize tab, additional pop-up menus can be displayed or hidden. Clicking the title bar of a pop-up menu displays all areas.

  10. Enter a desired name for your disk in the marked text field.
  11. In the Properties pop-up menu, go to the Font area and select the desired entries for font and font size.
  12. In the Text area, go to the Text Color drop-down menu and select the desired color.

  13. Any changes are displayed in the preview and compilation area.

You have selected a menu template and edited the title. Now you can further edit the menu or you can view the entire project in the preview area.

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