Nero 9 - Reloaded Installation Notes:

(Please read before installing product)


Authorizing Nero 9 - Reloaded

  1. Download and install Nero 9
  2. Open Nero 9 - Reloaded via the Nero StartSmart icon on your desktop.
  3. Click on the Nero Fire button in the lower left hand corner of the Nero StartSmart window.
  4. Click on Tools and Control Center4
  5. Then choose license in the left panel.
  6. Finally enter your license (serial) number and click the 'Add" button

InfoWhere is my license/Serial number?

Nero 9 trial version users:

You DO NOT need to download the program again.

Expired Trial of Nero 9 - Reloaded?
Convert your trial to full version by opening the program and follow the prompts and enter your license number from your confirmation email.

Still in trial period of Nero 9 - Reloaded?
Follow the prompt 2-5 below to authorize your copy.

Nero 8 users:

You can install Nero 9 - Reloaded side by side with Nero 8, no need to uninstall Nero 8

Nero (5, 6 or 7) users:

If you want to keep a version of your past Nero 5,6, or 7 you will need to save a copy and UNINSTALL any previous version of Nero before installing Nero 9 - Reloaded.

Nero 9 - Reloaded is not on your system yet?

Go to and download the latest version of Nero 9 - Reloaded and its components:

After download and installation, follow the authorize instructions for Nero 9 - Reloaded above

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