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Nero Platinum Suite 2024
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for Windows 11, 10, 8 | System Requirements

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Nero Screen Recorder
新:人性化的錄屏軟件。 根據您的想法,一鍵錄屏。

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Nero AI Image Upscaler
新:PRO功能揭秘。 更多高檔模型可供選擇,支持流行的.webp格式

Nero Motion Tracker OpenButton

Nero Motion Tracker
新:增强或匿名化視頻。 輕鬆為視頻添加剪貼畫(如表情符號)或滾動文字。

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Nero Video
新:優化工作流程。 將項目保存為範本,節省大量寶貴時間。 此外,還有海量精美視頻範本供您選擇。


For many applications

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Never again chaos in your beloved photo album thanks to new Nero AI: Now you can organize photos, tag, rate, and search images even easier. AI-based scene recognition keeps you on top of things, you can assign names to faces, and duplicate or similar images are detected faster and are easy to delete. Sort your photos by location and view your adventures on the world map, or view all your photos in an easy-to-read timeline. 1-click photo editing is included, of course. And it works locally on your PC, no cloud required!

Create a small movie masterpiece from your moving memories in no time at all: Hundreds of high-quality theme templates for holidays, occasions and events support you in doing so. Great effects add professional polish: create videos with picture-in-picture, alpha channel, tilt-shift, slow motion and time-lapse effects. Edit, trim and export your videos. Get sharper than reality with the 8K playback feature. Impress your friends and stream your masterpiece on the big TV. As a gift, you can burn your movie to an optical disc.

Music invigorates the mind! Now enjoy and discover your stars in a whole new way: Save your favorite songs from all music streaming services easily, quickly, legally and in the best quality. Edit and trim your music files to your liking (effects, fade-in/out, volume, etc.). Import your CD collection and easily edit metadata like artist, genre and album art.

Your data is important to us! Convenient and secure backup solutions for you: Back up your valuable data quickly and easily to external hard drives, optical media and now even to your cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, MagentaCLOUD, HiDrive, pCloud and QLOUD). Create automated backups, incremental snapshots and version management. Protect your data with 256-bit encryption for CDs, DVDs and USB sticks.

Nothing is more annoying than a slow PC. We'll give you more performance: From now on, optimize and speed up like a pro: Nero will make your PC faster, update your drivers, and improve your Internet speed. We give you total control over your PC performance. You decide whether you want to solve PC problems one by one or all at once.

Nero Platinum offers many other tools that perfectly complement your Windows PC: e.g. by recovering deleted data, easily encrypting your personal data, or reliably formatting and duplicating media. With Nero Platinum you get a toolbox that equips you for all eventualities.


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Nero Platinum Suite 能為您帶來什麼?

Nero Platinum Toolbox

  1. Nero AI Photo Tagger: Order and structure in your photo archive thanks to artificial intelligence.
  2. Nero Score: Take a speed test and push your PC to its limits
  3. Nero Video: Create, edit and export videos and slideshows.
  4. Nero Motion Tracker: Automatically detect and pixelate moving objects
  5. Nero AI Image Upscaler: Simply upscale images (Only included in the version 1 PC / 1 year.)
  6. Nero Screen Recorder: Create screen recordings according to your ideas with one click. (Only the basic version is included)
  7. Nero DuplicateManager: Cleans your image archive of exact, duplicate and similar images quickly and accurately.
  8. Nero MediaHome: The central software for archiving, sorting, creating and playing your files.
  9. Nero BackItUp: Backs up your data quickly and easily to an external hard drive, optical media, or the cloud.
  10. Nero Recode: Convert and rip videos and music to all standard formats for your mobile devices.
  11. Nero Burning ROM: Rip, copy, burn and protect data.
  12. Nero TuneItUp PRO: Makes your PC faster and improves your internet speed. (Only included in the version 1 PC / 1 year.)
  13. Nero USBxCopy: This tool helps you to copy your data to multiple USB devices at the same time
  14. Nero PhotoSnap: Let your photos shine in new splendor
  15. Nero Soundtrax: Digitize sound carriers and implement audio projects
  16. Nero WaveEditor: Record sound from PC and record audio files
  17. Nero Express: Burn data and media easily
  18. Nero CoverDesigner: Customize your discs
  19. Nero Face Beautifier Remove wrinkles and improve your skin tone so that you shine in the best light
  20. Nero Rescue Agent: Recover files from damaged discs and drives
  21. Nero Disc to Device: Transfer media from discs to devices

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The new Nero Platinum Suite 2024:
適用於Windows PC的一款全能軟件助手,可助您快速輕鬆地掌握數字項目。


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