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Nero Christmas Bundle


除了全新的Nero Platinum Suite外,聖誕套裝還包括大量適用於Windows系統的優質&最新的完整版本。


Nero Platinum Suite


Nero Platinum Suite
我們保證,您可以使用Nero Platinum Suite在家中或途中任意地方管理您的數碼世界! 現已配備了全新的功能的套裝包含以下產品:

  1. Nero Duplicate Manager
  2. Nero Video
  3. Nero MediaHome
  4. Nero BackItUp
  5. Nero Recode
  6. Nero Burning ROM
  7. Music recorder

Nero Platinum Suite Products

1) Create and manage strong passwords

Steganos Passwort-Manager 21
Do you leave your apartment door unlocked? Do you have the same keys for your house, car and office? Would you trust your keys blindly to strangers? Hardly! Passwords are the keys to your digital life. The diversity and quality of your passwords is crucial for network security. For over 20 years Steganos has stood for reliable protection against data spies and hackers. Encryption in Steganos programs has been unbreakable since the company was founded. There are no back doors, master passwords or duplicate keys. 

Steganos Passwort-Manager 21
Paragon Hard Disk Manager

2) Data security and system maintenance

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced 17
Die Software führt Nutzer mithilfe eines Assistenten Schritt für Schritt durch den Sicherungsprozess und unterstützt dabei die Sicherung von Systempartitionen, ausgewählten Datenträgern oder Partitionen, Dateitypen, Dateien oder Ordnern. Die Sicherungsarchive können auf externen Geräten, lokalen Laufwerken, Netzwerkfreigaben gespeichert oder auf einen optischen Datenträger gebrannt werden. 


3) Safe surfing

Okay Freedom VPN Premium
Install and surf anonymously - it couldn't be easier. It's quick and easy to keep your digital freedom - no registration, no passwords, no automatic renewal. Because it's your right: Don't let them spy on you and monitor and track your online behavior.

Okay Freedom VPN Premium
online TV 15

4) The multimedia experience

online TV 15
Receive and record over 1,000 radio and television stations on your laptop - with onlineTV 15! Whether feature films, news series or sports events: With onlineTV 15 you can stream national and international radio and television programmes from the Internet directly to your laptop. For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Android: Anytime - anywhere via WLAN - completely legal! No matter where you are, you don't have to do without any of your favourite programmes. You receive over 1,000 radio and TV channels.


5) 下載視頻

Video Downloader Ultimate Standard
同時下載多個最高清晰度(4K Ultra HD)視頻的舒適選擇。這個強大的工具不受流覽器的限制,可以為您找到全系統中HTTP協定載入的視頻並提供下載。 

Video Downloader Ultimate
LapLink PCmover Express

6) Simply move

PCmover Express is the ONLY software that automatically transfers all selected files, settings, user accounts from an old PC to a new PC. It is the easiest way to move to a new PC without forgetting anything, even if there are different versions of Windows installed on the old and new PC. Nothing is changed on the old PC and nothing is overwritten on the new PC.



7) Video learning course

Nero Platinum learning course
Learn Nero Platinum's many applications, programs, and apps in no time at all. The learning course consists of 49 practical workshops and application tutorials on Nero Platinum + Nero Video with a duration of over 6 hours, ideal for beginners and advanced users. Also suitable for use on a tablet, ideal for learning on the go.


Nero Platinum Video Training


Nero Christmas-Bundle
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