Nero Bluetooth 5.0 Audio AUX-Adapter

Nero Bluetooth 5.0 Audio AUX-Adapter
Wireless music enjoyment

Now listen wirelessly to music from your smartphone through your car radio.


The Nero Bluetooth 5.0 Audio AUX Adapter can be used anywhere: Now you can instantly turn your car into a wireless Bluetooth stereo speaker. Use your car stereo to wirelessly enjoy music from your smartphone and answer incoming calls.



Car / Stereo system

Without batteries

Low energy consumption


3 simple steps

1. plug in

In the car: Plug the Nero Bluetooth 5.0 Audio AUX adapter into a USB power source (e.g. cigarette lighter charger) of your car and connect it to the AUX port of your car. The advantage: No more annoying charging! The Nero Bluetooth 5.0 Audio AUX adapter incl. 50cm audio cable (3.5mm jack plug) is always ready for use and starts automatically when you start your car.

1. plug in

2. connect

Smartphone: Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the Nero Bluetooth 5.0 audio AUX adapter (search Nero AUX audio) and start playing your favorite music or podcast.

2. connect

3. Let's go!

You're the DJ: now you decide what music plays in your car. Simply select your favourite song, turn up the music and experience the best sound quality.

1. plug in

The little Bluetooth wonder
Ideal for car


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