Nero Recode Stick

Nero Recode Stick

Secures your most beautiful memories
Bring your analog media into the digital age.


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Nero's practical hardware solution

From analog to digital

Digitize your analog treasures: The Nero Recode Stick helps you bring your personal memories, recorded movies, or records and cassettes into the 21st century.

Nero Recode Stick - From analog to digital

Easy to connect!

  1. Connect Recode Stick to computer via USB
  2. Connect Recode Stick to analog video source
  3. Start analog video source
  4. Record with Windows "Camera App"

Nero Recode Stick - Easy to connect!


The analogue inputs allow you to connect various devices such as video recorders, record players, camcorders or cassette decks. You can play the digitized material on all your digital devices, whether smartphone, computer or TV.

Nero Recode Stick - Versatile

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Nero Recode Stick


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