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Welcome to the Nero Lab

Here you can find beta versions of Nero tools to try them out and provide feedback.


Nero Score

Nero Score – The real-world PC benchmark measures your processor’s (CPU) multi-core power and is pushing your graphics card (GPU) to it’s maximum limit with real world multimedia use cases.The initial version of Nero Score includes a CPU AI benchmark and measures how many pictures per second can be processed with artificial intelligence on the given CPU.


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Image Super-resolution

Use artificial intelligence to increase image resolution without losing quality. Try it out to see how fast and easy to use it is.


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Nero AI Photo Taggerzoom

Online AI Photo Tagger

Nero AI Photo Tagger helps you sort and organise your photos. Try it out online in your browser now.


Nero Photo Snap & Effects

Our photo filters unique technologies let you celebrate every mood, every skin tone, and every day. Make your pictures shine in a new light on your PC and on your Mac.

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Nero Face Beautifier BETAzoom

Nero Face Beautifier BETA

Use artificial intelligence to make your profile picture on any social network stand out. Remove wrinkles and improve your skin complexion to shine in the best light.

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